The Blvd

The Blvd

The construction of TheBLVD in Myrtle Beach was a significant undertaking that required careful planning and execution. The site was previously home to an operating restaurant, which was demolished to make way for the development. Construction crews worked tirelessly on a tight timeline to complete the new building which features a modern and stylish design that complements the natural beauty of its oceanfront location. The construction of TheBLVD also took into account the unique challenges presented by its location on the oceanfront. The building was constructed with durable materials and high-tech infrastructure to withstand the elements as well as a specialized HVAC system designed to handle the coastal environment. Overall, the construction of TheBLVD in Myrtle Beach represents a significant achievement in commercial development, offering a world-class destination that fully embraces the natural beauty and unique character of its oceanfront location. Chancel Construction also completed multiple tenant upfits in this complex.

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Myrtle Beach, SC