SKywheel & landshark Bar and grille

SkyWheel & LandShark Bar and Grille

Chancel was brought onboard as general contractor for the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. The project’s scope involved the demolition of two hotels and extensive site work to accommodate the awe-inspiring SkyWheel and the Landshark Beach Bar and Grill. The SkyWheel’s foundation, consisting of over 1,000 yards of concrete, and the A-frame with more than 350,000 pounds of steel, ensure the safe and stable operation of the observation wheel that carry 42 temperature-controlled, Swiss-manufactured gondolas, each providing a captivating 10 to 12-minute ride with three loops. The Landshark Beach Bar and Grill, a unique concept in the Jimmy Buffett line, complements the SkyWheel, offering a delightful dining experience. Over 100 skilled individuals from the greater Myrtle Beach and Conway areas were assigned to various aspects of the project including demolition, crane operation, sitework, foundation, electrical, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, signage, window and door installation, and welding. As a local-oriented initiative, all subcontractors hailed from the region. Upon completed, the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel stood as the only observation wheel of its kind in the United States, the second in North America, and the largest of any kind east of the Mississippi River. This remarkable project undoubtedly became a major attraction, adding to the allure and charm of the Myrtle Beach coastline.

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Myrtle Beach, SC