Ailsa Village

Ailsa Village

Chancel Construction is proud to have built the Ailsa Village project, a collection of 130 rental cottages and an amenity building located in the Legends Golf Course in Myrtle Beach, SC. Due to the scale of the 15-month project, our team decided to take a four-stage approach during the preconstruction phase. As we began construction, we encountered multiple pricing and supply chain problems, affecting nearly every aspect of the project. Lighting, HVAC and ductwork, plumbing equipment, framing, siding, and paint all faced supply chain issues. However, Chancel was able to overcome these challenges by implementing creative solutions such as material substitutions, small design changes to use fewer materials, and lean methods to reduce waste. We also prioritized early material ordering and on-site storage to ensure the project could progress smoothly. Our open and honest communication with the client allowed us to deliver a quality product on time, despite these hurdles. In today’s post-COVID economy, having an experienced contractor is more critical than ever, and with over 40+ years of experience, Chancel Construction is well-equipped to handle any project and keep it within budget.
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Myrtle Beach, SC


130 rental cottages + amenity center