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Upfront In All We Do

As a company, we’ve always had a strong sense of right and wrong. And we’ve built our business on the values of honesty and integrity. Whether in the meeting room or on the job site, we are upfront with each other and with our partners. Our character stays true through every circumstance. We always stand up for what we believe in, no matter the cost. Our firm was founded by a hard working, faith filled family whose commitment to higher standards still defines everything we do today. We are respectful and responsible in all of our dealings. Our upfront approach keeps us on schedule and on budget, our upfront communication holds us accountable, and our upfront process drives us to be the best partner in the industry. As a company, we are devoted to excellence. We stand for honor, for quality and for hard work. Our legacy is built on uncompromising values, and we have always been and will always be upfront in all that we do.

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Providing clients with the most accurate and cost-competitive estimates through open and effective communication.


Project Planning

Proactively scheduling jobs to provide clients with thorough and detailed outlines of project milestones.



Our full-service team manages every detail of the project and works tirelessly to complete projects to our partners' satisfaction.


We are grounded in higher standards

Our people are honest, humble and hardworking industry veterans. Our key construction personnel have an average of 30 years of experience in the field. We are a passionate crew that is just as dedicated to our work as we are to our community. Our team is made up of office staff, Our employees generously serve and support local churches, schools, civic groups, youth organizations and non profits. As builders, we are invested in building a stronger foundation for the next generation.

Our Team

Office Staff

McKenzie Jordan


Kimberly Biddle

General Manager Administration, Finance, Facilities, and Equipment

Jim Moore

Project Manager

Geraldine Skipper

Administrative Assistant

Joseph Holmes

Project Manager

Ashley Parker

Project Administrator

Charles Jordan

Chief Financial Officer

Daisy Jordan

Junior "Pawject" Manager