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Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a method of improving the value of a construction project—this means not only achieving the lowest possible project cost, but also the highest potential value to you, the owner.

Value Engineering involves a broad, holistic approach to your project, engineering the methodology, materials, and designs to find the highest cost/benefit ratio possible. With Value Engineering, you will:

  • Minimize your project costs
  • Maximize the quality of your building
  • Avoid redesign costs
  • Minimize (if not eliminate entirely) costly changes in the middle of construction
  • Reduce the amount of material and labor wastage

What Value Engineering is Not: 

It’s unfortunate, but many owners, designers, and construction firms misunderstand the meaning of Value Engineering. To them, it’s nothing more than cost-cutting—nervously finding ways to minimize project costs without giving a second thought to the impact said cost-cutting will have on the project.

What’s worse, many construction teams only do Value Engineering after the design phase or (worst of all) in the middle of construction. This method is massively disadvantageous to you, the owner, as you’ll have to pay extra for redesigns and variation orders.

Value Engineering Done Right

Ideally, Value Engineering is done during the very first stage of the project development phase: Planning. Planning is what we do at Chancel Construction. When you involve us during the planning phase, we’ll ensure your project will:

  • Meet your most important needs while remaining within your specified budget
  • Be of the highest possible quality given the project limitations
  • Be designed and built with ease of maintenance and longevity in mind

…all well before your designer puts your project on paper!

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During the design-build process, you will work with our president, McKenzie Jordan, and an assigned project manager. McKenzie has led the design-build effort on dozens of projects throughout his career. The following are examples of satisfied clients:

Design-Build Clients

• OrthoSC
• City of Conway
• Conway Medical Center
• Grand Strand Pediatrics
• Atlantic Urology Clinics (Dr. Timothy Quillen)
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